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- Transportation officials at Lake Tahoe say they are experimenting with a new effort to try change the behavior of visitors who fill up an overcrowded parking area for one of the lake’s most popular beaches by hitting them in their wallets. The parking lot was built when roadside parking in the area was prohibited for safety concerns on the edge of the lake south of Incline Village. It’s at the start of the newly constructed trail that leads to Hidden Beach. Under the plan, parking fees cost as much as $6 or $7 an hour depending on the day and time the visitor arrives. In addition, visitors can’t use cash to park there — the machines only accept credit cards. Tahoe Transportation District Manager Carl Hasty told the Nevada Appeal the fees are an experiment to see if visitor patterns can be changed so that not everyone arrives at peak beach times from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. He said it’s a "pilot effort to incentivize people to come when it isn’t the peak time." The problem, he said, is Hidden Beach is so popular there just isn’t room for everyone who wants to go there, especially during the summer from May through early September. He said the parking fees are lower during spring and fall. They are also lower during weekdays than they are Friday through Sunday but higher on holidays when Tahoe is inundated with visitors. Visitors coming to the beach before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. can park for free. Get there before 9 a.m. and the price is $1 an hour. But between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., parking is pricey, peaking at $7 an hour between 11 a.m.

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Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) in the weight room for practice at 2021 Training Camp. The top takeaway I've noticed so far has been the improvement of the secondary. It has looked vastly improved with Casey Hayward Jr. leading the way. He is very vocal and creating great chemistry with his younger teammates. Johnathan Abram  playing more in the box has looked beneficial as well. The two rookies in the secondary setting themselves apart are Nate Hobbs and Tre’von Moehrig . Both have looked promising throughout camp and I am extremely excited to see what they can do once the pads are on Tuesday. The rookie defensive backs should use this time, as well as the preseason, to solidify themselves even further. Henry Ruggs III has definitely done a lot of extra work this offseason -- and it shows. Ruggs has come into Training Camp looking focused and more muscular than he did his rookie year. The receiver trained extensively this offseason and gained 13 pounds. He's putting his added muscle to good use as he's improved as a blocker, which will help in the run game with Josh Jacobs and Kenyan Drake. Ruggs also looks more naturally confident on the field and more knowledgeable of the playbook, considering this is his first normal NFL offseason. Barring any injuries, Ruggs' speed and athleticism will be heavily depended on in the Raiders offense. "How is Bryan Edwards looking this year?" According to Head Coach Jon Gruden, like Terrell Owens.  Bryan Edwards  has also had his moments through the first week of camp where he looks like he could become a dangerous weapon in this offense. A very common word that has come up to describe the way Edwards plays is "violent." Everything Edwards does is intense and with passion. He loves to use his height and strength to bully defenders, and is becoming a better route runner. Edwards – like his 2020 draft classmate Ruggs – has looked much more serious and focused on the field with more knowledge of the playbook. It seems like the progressions of the two receivers have gone hand in hand throughout the offseason.